Create a Website for Free

  • Create websites, blogs and forums in minutes with our easy to use tools & free hosting.
  • Easy drag and drop web site builder with 100's of professional designed templates.
  • Install blogs, forums, online shops (Wordpress, joomla, Zen cart, SMF) with ONE click. No technical skills required.
  • Use your own domain name or get a free sub-domain from us.
  • Make a website for free with out any forced advertising from us. You are allowed to use your own ads.
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Create a website for free.

Starting a web site is a huge venture for someone that is ready to dive into the Internet world. There are several sites that are built each day and there are several decisions that must be made before the person builds their website. One of the first is just which web host that they should go with in order to build their site. We are a hosting company that offers free web space to those that wish to build their own first website.


How to make a website

We offer many tools to choose for make a cool website. Web builder, an easy to use online drag and drop tool for create websites, no coding knowledge needed. Templates for download and edit as you need. Script installer for install many popular scripts like WordPress and Joomla. FTP and online file manager for upload and update your files. For a guide about how to start a website in 5 steps please check


Why Choose Us?

There are several choices that you have when you are looking for a web hosting company, however, we are the ones that are going to offer the best free hosting that can be found. There are several reasons why we are the top hosting company to choose:

First of all we offer free web hosting, there is nothing better than getting the service that is needed for your site completely free.

No forced advertisements, which is unusual for a free site, however, that is how we do things with our business, free hosting hosting with no forced advertisements at any kind.

Free sub-domains. You get your own free short sub domain name from us, however, if you own and whish to use your own domain name you can do it, we offer free domain hosting as well.

Pre-made websites. We have several free templates in which our clients can use to build their web sites.


Webhosting Tools

There are several tools that we offer to our clients that will make setting up the website easier.

The hosting control panel is a tool for manage your websites and your hosting account. Make backups, create emails, import websites, run cron jobs and many more features all managed from one control panel.

The drag & drop web site editor is a huge advantage to using our company for your website needs. Our free website builder and hosting will allow you to create a website in minutes

The one click script installation tool that is going to make it easy to install most of popular CMS and developed your website without the need to upload files with FTP.

With those tools, a person will find that what would normally take days with one web host, is going to take a few minutes with us. Many other hosting companies out there are not going to offer such a convenient tools.


PHP and MySql

PHP is the most popular internet application language, very simple but the same time extremely powerful. With php hosting you can run dynamic websites and most of the CMS and applications who requires PHP. MySql comes to complete the package, php with mysql hosting is what 95% of the internet developers use for them websites. MySql database used for store and organize the data that is required from your PHP applications,  is very fast reliable.


CMS Hosting.

Though most web hosting companies out there offer a few select options to how a person can set up their web site or what type of program that they can use with their website, we do not place these restrictions on our clients. Instead, we have a variety of different programs that can be used when setting up a website. For example, drupal hosting, wordpress hosting, joomla hosting and forum  hosting. Basically almost any PHP program that you want to use to build your web site is completely fine with us. We do not want to limit a person to what they can do, simply by not providing them an outlet that is convenient for them.


Free Hosting or Paid Hosting.

Free hosting is good for new and small websites. If you are looking to host a high traffic or a big business site we suggest to advised from web hosting reviews websites for the right hosting provider for your needs. Cheap web hosting is very similar to free hosting, both are shared hosting services and cheap hosting can be a little faster than free web hosting and offer better support and many times comes with a free domain name. For business websites you may have to look for VPS hosting. VPS is a virtual server with dedicated resources only to you. Each web site have different needs and you have to choose the right hosting plan

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